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Re: [RFR] Patches switching sparc64 to 2.6.12

Frans Pop wrote:
> Attached are three sparate patches that together:
> - switch 2.6 kernel for sparc64 from 2.6.8 to 2.6.12
> - drop 2.6 support for sparc32 as there is no 2.6.12 kernel available
> - add 2.6 mini.iso for sparc64
> - make multiboot CD-ROMs supporting
>   - 2.6.12 (default) and 2.4.27 for sparc64
>   - 2.4.27 for sparc32
> - implement rescue mode (from Colin) instead of rescue boot (/bin/sh)

Wow, very nice.

> Question:
> - should we also switch to "install" instead of "linux" for sparc?

IMHO yes, it's good to be consistent and it was worth switching on i386
to make it symetric with rescue.

> I'd appreciate a review (Joey!) before I start implementing these changes. 
> I will coordinate the implementation with Geert.

Looks fine to me.

see shy jo

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