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Re: [PROPOSAL] tasksel: improve and enhance language tasks

Christian Perrier wrote:
> By introducing the kde-desktop task, recent tasksel version introduce
> a problem: several <language>-desktop tasks include
> kde-i18n-<language> package (or koffice-i18n-<language>)and thus
> indirectly imply installing KDE...or installing a useless package, as
> desktop does not install KDE anymore.

The desktop task certianly does install KDE still, if it's available.
The kde and gnome task split does allow one or the other (or both!) to
be dropped from a CD and the desktop task still be installed but that
and a clearer internal division of the two is the only reason for that
split and I don't see any real benefits from splitting the
language-desktop tasks.

> 2) Include OpenOffice and Firefox l10n packages to ALL <language>-desktop tasks

Agreed, if they're in a working state for all languages.

> In the same time, I REMOVE mozilla-locale-<language> packages from
> the *-desktop tasks which installed them, as the desktop tasks DOES
> NOT install mozilla but "only" mozilla-firefox

Fair enough.

> 3) Include myspell-* packages to ALL <language>-desktop tasks
> myspell-* packages are needed for OpenOffice spellchecking. 


> 4) Include aspell-* packages to <language> tasks
> GNU aspell is now the standard spellchecking software on Unix systems.

It's still optional priority. Does something pull it in during an

> Non implemented proposal
> ------------------------
> The desktop task currently install mozilla-firefox packages but should
> IMHO also install mozilla-thunderbird packages. This probably is more
> debatable (including debating in -devel), so I did not implement this
> in my modified tasks.

The desktop task includes firefox for the same reason it includes
openoffice: These are the clear leaders in their spheres of use, to the
point that anyone installing linux will expect them to be available.
AFAIK this is not true of thunderbord.

see shy jo

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