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Re: supporting sarge in the manual

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 05:00, Joey Hess wrote:
> At what point does supporting documenting sarge in the manual in trunk
> stop being worthwhile?

I guess when the majority of changes in the manual is no longer relevant 
for Sarge. IMO we have not yet reached that point.

> I've got an uncommitted patch that adds support for \ continuations in 
preseed files.

Does anything break if you just commit that patch for preseeding without 
changing the example preseed file at the same time? AFAICT, it shouldn't.

> This simplifys and de-uglifies 
> some parts of the example preseed file, lime custom partman-auto
> recipies, but it won't work with sarge anymore, and I don't see a way
> to make it support both sarge and devel d-i with a patch like this:

I've been thinking of creating separate versions of the preseeding example 
for Sarge and Etch and including the correct one at build time.
This requires some changes in the build system though in order to still be 
able to support translations.

This change would also make it possible to reduce branding in the manual.

I'll try to implement this before the end of the weekend. and then also 
commit the patch you attached with the split of the preseeding examples.


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