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Re: Bug#301262: GDM does not inherit XKB settings from Debian installer (was Re: [xkb] Re: Eliminating language-based layouts)

On Σάββατο 06 Αύγουστος 2005 09:48, Baurzhan Ismagulov wrote:
> The language was Turkish, the keyboard was Turkish F,
> localization-config is installed, but XkbLayout is us. Anything
> else I could look at?

Ok, Just looked at l-c and found these entries in 

    'trfu'                  => { XKBD => 'Turkish (F layout)' },
    'trqu'                  => { XKBD => 'Turkish (Q layout)' },

and in /usr/lib/localization-config/sarge/lang_X_map.pl:

    'Turkish (Q layout)' =>  { XkbLayout => 'tr', XkbOptions => 'caps:shift', XkbModel =>'pc105' },
    'Turkish (F layout)' => { XkbLayout => 'tr', XkbVariant => 'tr_f', XkbOptions => 'caps:shift', XkbModel => 'pc105' },

These entries were sent sometime ago by the Turkish team, I didn't test 
them myself. The key is the first set is the console keymap and i think 
this is causing the problem. From the debconf database you sent me, 
I see that d-i preseeds the debian-installer/keymap variable (which is 
what l-c checks to get the corresponding X settings) to 'trf' instead of 
'trfu'. I'm pretty sure I got this right from the Turkish developers, so it 
probably got changed somewhere in the meantime. I fixed this and it 
worked, so I'm doing an upload soon with this and some other bugs
there :-)

But before that, could someone tell me if the entry for 'trqu' has changed 
also to eg. 'trq' :-)


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