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Re: partman-crypto

On Fri, Aug 05, 2005 at 02:43:40AM +0200, Max Vozeler wrote:
> People interested in having a first look can download a first netboot
> mini.iso from <http://decl.org/~max/debian-installer/>. There is also a
> tarball (crypo-installer-0.1.tar.gz) with the sources and patches I
> used to build the image. NOTE: this code is still alpha quality. Please
> don't use it for now unless you intend to work on partman-crypto.

I looked briefly at the source code and it seams very well documented.
partman-crypto and partman-nfs are the two most important missing parts
of partman and one of them is already mostly complete. :-)

> The work is still in progress, and of course a lot is unfinished or
> missing. There is no support for either dm-crypt or dm-crypt-luks
> (although that is planned and framework has provision for it - help is
> very welcome!), installing on encrypted root is not implemented,
> keyfiles cannot be stored and used from removable devices, etc.

When the package is working it is usualy easy to add the missing parts.

> 1. How do I go about submitting the code for review? Do you prefer
> patches sent to the list, should I commit to a peoples branch, or is
> there some other preferred mechanism?

I think the partman part can be commited in the official tree of partman right

> 5. Loop-encrypted partitions use a hack in finish.d to change the fstab
> entries for /dev/loop/$n to the respective "real" device and to add the
> crypto-specific mount options (using sed). I decided to do take that
> approach because this way filesystem specific checks and mount options
> can be setup by their respective fstab.d scripts. Do you see a better
> approach or any specific problems doing it this way?

 I need some time to finish my current projects and return back to
 partman.  Then I hope I will be able to give you more valuable comments
 on this.

 Thanks for the good work!

 Anton Zinoviev

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