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Re: timeline for beta release

David Nusinow wrote:
I have another question while we're on the subject. Why are you so focused
on gtkfb? If the X environment works for you, what's the advantage of going
with something that's never really worked all that well in comparsion to
the very well tested Xorg server?

 - David Nusinow

well.. you're perfectly right when you say that X is MUCH more reliable than DFB but don't forget that size matters: basing on the test i did some months ago a netinst cd with a GTKDFB frontend needs around 80 mb of physical memory to run, while for a GTKX frontend 128 mb can be not enough. Anaconda, redhat's installer with X and GTK frontnd from where i "borrowed" the X testcase for the debian-installer, requires 125 mb to run, plus additional 3 mb for every font is loaded. For sure more precise calculations about memory usage are required here (and an X expert should evaluate the most efficient way to pack and use fonts in the netinst cd) but (and i'm not an X nor DFB specialist) it seems to me that DFB is the lightest way to a GTK frontend.


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