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gtk crash

I finally updated to the trunk version of cdebconf to see how
the gtk fe behaves with directfb: it still crashes.

here is the error:
Caught signal 11 (at 0x6b74, invalid address)

I found out that the crash happens at 1458:
1456		if(data->progress_bar_menubox != NULL)
1457			{
1458			gtk_widget_destroy(GTK_WIDGET(data->progress_bar_menubox));
1459			data->progress_bar_menubox = NULL;
1460			}

I managed to set a breakpoint in gtk_go (older version crashed
before reaching it)

Breakpoint 2, gtk_go (obj=0x89583d0) at gtk.c:1372
1372        struct frontend_data *data = (struct frontend_data *) obj->data;
(gdb) n
1373        struct question *q = obj->questions;
(gdb) p *data
$2 = {window = 0x89aa6f0, target_box = 0x89abbb8, info_box = 0x89bc280, menu_box = 0x89c0098,
  button_next = 0x89b2418, button_prev = 0x89b23a8, progress_bar = 0x89bffe8, progress_bar_menubox = 0x6b74,
  progress_bar_frame = 0x89c0248, setters = 0x0, button_val = 0, ask_jump_confirmation = false,
  dummy_main_menu = false, jump_target = '\0' <repeats 39 times>, q_main = 0x0}

so it looks like when the code reaches gtk_go,  progress_bar_menubox = 0x6b74 already

(gdb) bt
#0  gtk_go (obj=0x89583d0) at gtk.c:1372
#1  0x4001b292 in command_go (mod=0x8993498, arg=0x400260f7 "") at commands.c:217
#2  0x4001e03b in _confmodule_process (mod=0x8993498, in=0x8a23d00 "GO") at confmodule.c:49
#3  0x4001e27b in confmodule_communicate (mod=0x8993498) at confmodule.c:109
#4  0x080490fb in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffffe04) at debconf.c:156

I tried to force progress_bar_menubox=0 from within gdb to finally see how the fe looks like




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