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Re: your mail

retitle 310931 overheating cpu due to !acpid
tags 310931 -moreinfo
tags 310931 d-i 
severity 310931 wishlist
reassign 310931 tasksel

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, Marcin Owsiany wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 05:57:17PM +0200, Maximilian Attems wrote:
> > tags 310931 moreinfo
> > stop
> > 
> > any progress on the matter?
> > can you reproduce it with the 2.6.12 linux image from unstable?
> First of all, the reported situation happened only before I installed
> acpid package. After that, during regular operation in runlevel 2, when
> userspace acpid is running, there are no more kacpid CPU hogs.
> I also got the impression that the CPU fan switches to higher RPM on
> high CPU utilization only when acpid is running. It might be that in
> runlevel 1 (i.e. when the user-space acpid is not running), the CPU was
> constantly overheated, and that in turn caused the kacpid CPU hog.

hmm so the bug report isn't exactly against a kernel-image.
i'm not sure debian is already preventing the unexerienced user from
overheating it's cpu.  for now i'll reassign to tasksel so the bug gets 
on the radar of the debian-installer team.
maybe we already install acpid for desktop systems, but maybe that
should be paired with some hardware detection of d-i (apm or acpi too old)
cc the debian-installer list for feedback.
> I installed the 2.6.12 package the day before yesterday, so I will try
> to test this some more in runlevel 1 today, if you want.

no thanks i believe you.


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