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Bug#319521: base-config: display-manager started too early

Frans Pop wrote:
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> After a new installation at medium priority in vmware (using
> daily netinst 2005-07-21) with desktop task selected, gdm is started
> after selecting "Finish configuring the base system".
> After this, invisible to the user, base-config is still running on VT1
> because it is waiting for "Exit the base system configuration".
> Because base-config is still running, /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is
> locked, causing errors when trying to install new packages that use
> debconf.
> The solution would seem to be to move starting the display manager from
> /usr/lib/base-config/menu/finish to /usr/lib/base-config/menu/exit.

Ah, a good example of the kind of mess that makes me want to move
base-config into the first stage. We seem to have at least three
different sets of semi-conflicting requirements here:

1. Phil Hands's xen thing needs a way to reboot the system after the
   inittab is put back into place. He suggested a
   base-config/final_command that is run at the very end of the exit
2. debian-edu needs a way to reboot the machine after the inittab
   is put into place but before base-config exits. This was filed as bug
   #287964 and is why exit was split out in the first place, except I
   didn't pay enough attention and the split is in the wrong place.
   They'd rather be able to insert a new menu item of their own instead
   of using a debconf hook though, since their script is a few pages
3. Users who see the menu are probably a bit confused by the finish/exit
   dichotomy and now I see it breaks, and if gdm is moved into exit, then
   finish becomes a remarkably pointless script which only asks about
   strting gdm (but doesn't), turns screen blanking back on (too early
   really), or displays the dialog about time to login (too early).

All due to the funkyness of the transition from second stage install to
installed system, really.

I think the best thing to do is to re-merge exit into finish, and
possibly add a another preseed hook at the end, but it won't satisfy

see shy jo

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