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Bug#318194: Installation report

> Not sure what you mean by this.  Neither detection phase found
> anything other than the ATA drives needed for the CD-ROM.  After I got
> to the blank partitioning screen, I had to "modprobe ahci".  Once I
> did this, I pressed back twice, and reran the detection.  I think this
> added the entries to /dev (I couldn't find the script to update the
> udev structure with the new /sd* devices).  After that, partitioning
> looked normal.

Sorry for not having clear. The mix of Debconf and very early wake up
does this..:-)

When doing what you describe above, just do the following:

-first go up to the moment the HD detection fails
-switch to VT3 (Alt+F3)
-run "lsmod". Note the list
-modprobe ahci
-note the list (and check differences)
-switch back to VT1 (Alt+F1)
-do what you did (back twice, re-run HW detection)
-as soon as the HD is detected, go back to VT3 and run lsmod again
-check the differences....this should help


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