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Bug#312107: debian-installer: Can't install on Dell Inspiron 9300

Laradji nacer <n.laradji@ovea.com> writes:

> Le Dimanche 26 Juin 2005 15:00, Juergen Kreileder a écrit :
>> I've built a 2.6.11 based installer now.  With a few tricks I was
>> able to install sarge:
>> http://blog.blackdown.de/2005/06/26/debian-installer-with-kernel-2611/
> Hello Do you have use kernel wedge for build your cdrom ,if not can
> you send me document for making my own cdrom .

I've used kernel-wedge from experimental and d-i from svn (you'll also
need a few other packages from testing or unstable to satisfy the
build deps).  The kernel is the version of 2.6.11 that is in testing.

I've just rebuilt what was absolutely necessary: the kernel and
libdebian-installer4.  (The CD-ROM just the new kernel.  Maybe I
should have had upgraded libdebian-installer4 too.)

For the CD-ROM, I've just copied the original businesscard image,
replaced the kernel, and created a new image.  (see


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Team

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