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Re: Impossibilité installer Sarge

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Quoting mpaumier (m.paumier@laposte.net):

> >
> >You're not very clear about the exact time the installer "hangs". Was
> >it *after* the partitioning step, while installing many packages
> > 
> >
> The installer "hangs" before partitionning step.It is during the step : 
> "recherche des outils de partitionnement" (barre de défilement bloquée à 
> 38%) and naturally before the reboot.
> I cannot switch between the consoles because i don't see them.
> Precision: whith another Hard disk  it's the same.
> Thank you for your response

OK, then this happens *before* the hard disk is detected and, indeed,
this is likely to be the module loading which trigger the hang.

Could you retry with the 2.6 install by typing "linux26" at the boot prompt ?


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