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Re: sarge - Debian installer - fail to install bootloader with software raid and LVM

On (14/06/05 02:56), Mart Frauenlob wrote:
> Hello debian community,
> first of all a big 'Thank You' for all the people involved with debian, 
> for all the great non profit work they do!
> I'm not completely new to debian, but I think far away from an 
> experienced user.
> The new debian comes in really handy as right now I need to install 
> several linux servers for a customer.
> Yes, however... my goal was to install sarge stable with a configuration 
> like this:
> Dual Intel MMX 466
> 512 MB RAM
> 2 IDE drives configured with RAID 1.
> Those Managed by LVM.
> This is my first try on linux software raid and also the first time I 
> use the logical volume manager.
> So I started booting with 'expert26' to create partitioning like this:
> 1: create partitions (lets say only 1 to keep it easy) of equal size on 
> each IDE drive.
> 2: configure those partitions to be used by RAID.
> 3: create the 'md' device(s).
> 4: configure those devices to be used by LVM.
> 5: create a Volume Group.
> 6: create a logical volume structure (to be mapped to the linux filesystem)
> 7: create the partitions for '/' '/usr' etc... on the logical volumes.
> All works out well to this point.
> As stated, this is my first try on software raid and lvm, so please tell 
> me if I have any 'logical' errors in my procedure.
I'm pretty sure that grub won't boot from LVM; I think you have to
create a small /boot partition (ext2).  I've not done it but you create
it on both disks.  Here are some docs:





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