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Re: Proposed updates for discover1 (mostly from Ubuntu)

[Otavio Salvador]
> debootstrap need to be change (I'm not sure since aj send a new
> version and it has the capability to identify the base system, maybe
> not). But since discover1 is part of base I think lsb-base sould be
> discussed on debian-devel@l.d.o before enters as dependency. Maybe
> you can leave it as suggestion and use it only if available ;-)

As far as I can see, debootstrap do not install discover.  I believe
it is installed using apt-install in the hw-detect udeb, and thus
using apt-get with dependency tracking.

How is base packages identified?  Is discover1 part of base?  How can
I tell?  It is not essesial, nor priority standard or required.  As
you probably can tell, I didn't know discover1 was part of base, and
thus thought it was no problem to add dependencies for it.

But ok.  I'll pull put the change before doing the upload this time.
I want the other changes tested.

Perhaps we should make the changes dynamic in the future.  I'll see
how hard that is later.

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