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Proposed updates for discover1 (mostly from Ubuntu)

During the debian-edu devcamp this weekend, I finally found time to
sit down and have a look at the discover1 patches from ubuntu.  I've
integrated the vendor default driver patch, and also started to use
the LSB functions in the init.d script.  I also applied the sbus fix
from BTS, and hope this will improve sparc support.

These are the latest changelog entries:

discover1 (1.7.9) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * Petter Reinholdtsen
    - Add vendor fallthroughs for PCI cards; use a given driver for
      all cards from a given vendor we don't already have an explicit
      entry for.  Only pick defaults of the same class as the device
      at hand.  Patches from Daniel Stone and Ubuntu.  (Closes: #313072)
    - Add support for several sbus root notes.  Patch from Jurij Smakov.
      (Closes: #299074)
    - Convert init.d script to use Linux Software Base functions.  Add
      dependency on lsb-base.  Based on patches from Nathaniel
      McCallum and Ubuntu.
    - Fix bug in init.d script, making get_aliases_regexp() handle
      modules with several aliases properly, and also handle device
      path aliases better.

Any comments to these changes?  I am a bit unsure if the added
lsb-base dependency will affect the installation system (do
debootstrap need to change?).  I do not think so, but would like to
get a second opinion before I upload the new version.

Any comments?  Any more fixes to include before I upload a new version
in the next few days?

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