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Re: Localechooser - New documentation for the manual

On Sunday 12 June 2005 22:16, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Maybe add that, in difference with choosing English, this will result
> in a system with no localisation at all and the locales package not
> being installed.


> "If you selected a language which has more than one country associated
> with it (true for Chinese, English, French, and many other languages),
> you will next be asked to select a country."
> Maybe remove the "True for....". This gives more importance to some
> languages over others, which is not really appropriate.

I agree. We should replace French by, eh let's say, Dutch to also get a 
"small" language in ;-)

> The real condition is "if you choose a language for which more than
> one country has a supported locale"...but that's maybe too technical.

OK. I've changed it to:
If you selected a language that is recognized as an official language for 
more than one country[6], you will next be asked to select a country. If 
you choose Other at the bottom of the list, you will be presented with a 
list of all countries, grouped by continent. If the language has only one 
country associated with it, that country will be selected automatically.

The footnote [6] has:
In technical terms: where multiple locales exist for that language with 
differing country codes.

Thanks Christian.

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