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Bug#313049: [SARGE] debian-installer set false "global" locale

Package: debian-installer
Severity: important
Tag: sarge

Error description:

For some days (exactly 2005-06-07) I have installed on a new Machine
SARGE with the Netinstrall-ISO and choosen to install Linux 2.4 in

In the locales dialog, where I can select, which locale will be
installed, I have choosen

en_GB   en_US   de_DE   fr_FR   tr_TR   ar_AR

and for all the ISO-8859 and the UTF-8 versions and last not least

For the global locale I have choosen nothing ("C")

Now after the reboot and and of installation I have a System, which

  __( '/etc/environement' )_____________
| LANGUAGE="de_DE:de:en_GB:en"
| LANG=de_DE@euro

Now if I login, configurations under root give me bizzar results and
some of my scripts are not working anymore, command outputs, errors,
etc., are reported in german...

This should not happen.

Now, this morning I have installed a new machine @home, with a
Netinstall-ISO downloaded last night, and now, there is no file

This problem occurs to all scripts which need to parse outputs.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.1
Kernel Version: Linux develsarge.private 2.4.27-dev-sarge #1 Sat Jun 13 10:37:41 CET 2005 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages debian-installer depends on:

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