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Re: eth0 and eth1 shifting place

Hi all, again.

Thanks for the tip Frans, it did the trick.. Actually I should have thought about it, but I didn't.

I have another thing I'd like to report which I noticed during the same situation with my ethernet adapters.

The installation-kernel in Debian 3.1 uses the driver de4x5 during the installation-process to run my D-link ethernet adapter but when the system starts the kernel it uses tulip instead. The tulip driver refuses to work properly with my D-link which results in a broken network. I tried to re-load the de4x5-driver after the installation was finished and the network came back up again without any problems and I could continue my net-installation. However, the de4x5 seems badly updated so using the tulip-driver would be a better option. If we got it working that is.. Does woody use the tulip driver or just de4x5?

Is this also a known issue? Is it kernel-specifik or Debian-specifik? Or maybe even driver-specific?

Daniel McKinnon Forsell

At 02:07 2005-06-09, you wrote:
On Thursday 09 June 2005 00:24, Daniel McKinnon Forsell wrote:
> After the basic installation is done and the system is rebooting and
> starts up again to finish the installation the both ethernet adapters
> have turned names. The D-link is now eth1 and the Via Rhine II is now
> eth0 which results in no network-connection for the ftp-installation.

This is a known issue and we hope to fix it in future versions of the

You can try forcing your system to load the modules in the correct order
by including the modules in the desired order in /etc/modules.
You could also use nameif to give more neutral names to your interfaces so
you are less dependent on load order.

However, both solutions are after the fact, we will need to address this
issue in the installer too.


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