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Re: adaptec 2610sa raid support in debian-installer (aacraid)]

An aacraid maintainer (Mark Salyzyn) has emailed a copy of the latest source (2401) and explained that there is no reason why aacraid 1.1.5-2326 (at least) or later wouldn't function with the 2?10SA cards.

I've been assuming that the debian-installer just attempts to insmod its aacraid module (but perhaps that is a bit too naive). I'll attempt to discover which version of aacraid the latest debian-installer uses (today hopefully) and find out more about how the debian-installer recognises cards.

If anyone has installed debian (the root filesystem) directly onto disks controlled by an adaptec 2?10SA controller, or knows that this has actually been done (ie. the debian-installer recognized the card or you loaded a driver), would you reply to this post, just to mention that please?

thanks for any info,

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I'm hoping to install sarge on an HP box with one adaptec 2610sa raid controller, but the latest debian-installer's aacraid module doesn't recognize the 2610sa. The 2410sa, 2810sa and 21610sa are mentioned as being supported on adaptec's site (and linit.c suggests same - see below). Is there some reason why the 2610sa hasn't been included (and is there any chance of a non-hacker like myself ever getting this to work reliably)?

There also seems to be a later version of aacraid (1.1.5-2391). adaptec's website is serving up version 1.1.5-2326 however 1.1.5-2391 has been used to build a set of driver disk images (also on adaptec's site) and it seems some pay-licensed linux distributions have 2610sa support using 2391. Anyone know where I could get the source for aacraid 1.1.5-2391 (note: the aacraid with the 2.6.8 kernel source has the same three lines below and makes no reference to the 2610sa)?

thanks for any help,

excerpt from aacraid 1.1.5-2326's linit.c ...
  { 0x9005, 0x0285, 0x9005, 0x0290, aac_rx_init, "aacraid",  "ADAPTEC", "AAR-2410SA SATA ", 1 }, /* AAR-2410SA PCI SATA 4ch (Jaguar II) */
  { 0x9005, 0x0285, 0x9005, 0x0292, aac_rx_init, "aacraid",  "ADAPTEC", "AAR-2810SA SATA ", 1 }, /* AAR-2810SA PCI SATA 8ch (Corsair-8) */
  { 0x9005, 0x0285, 0x9005, 0x0293, aac_rx_init, "aacraid",  "ADAPTEC", "AAR-21610SA SATA", 1 }, /* AAR-21610SA PCI SATA 16ch (Corsair-16) */

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