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Re: Packages with "Debian" in templates

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 00:28, Eugeniy Meshcheryakov wrote:
> Why not? "stable", "testing", "unstable" can be easily translated (in
> Ukrainian at least) and IMO there will be no problems with that.

Sure, but users may still need to use "stable", "testing", "unstable" 
literal in /etc/apt/sources.list, when browsing mirrors, when working 
with the BTS, ... (of course the release names can be used too).

"stable", "testing", "unstable" are as much _names_ as they are 
descriptions, and in general names of things are not translated.
Try translating package names or commands (which is often perfectly 
possible) and see if users will thank you. ;-)

So therefore I agree with bubulle that at the very least the English names 
should be mentioned together with the translations. Using only 
translations will in the end confuse users.
Translating these terms in an explanation of the English terms is of 
course perfectly OK.

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