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Re: Reinsert popcon question during installation?

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> A few months ago, the popularity-contest question during installation
> was removed when tasksel/base-config was rewritten.  This wasn't
> discovered by those of us caring about it early enough to fix it in
> time for the Sarge release.
> Now, Sarge is released, and we move on to new development.  Is it
> possible to get the popularity-contest question back into the default
> installation now?  What is needed to get it back there?  Anyknow got a
> clue to spare?

Unless someone knows how to queue a package for install by aptitude, all
I can think of to fix it is to apt-get install it in base-config's
pkgsel menu item. But this does lose the feature that allows a user to
de-select it in aptitude before it gets installed.

Another way would be to just get its priority set to standard, then we'd
get the above behavior and would need no special case code. This would
also make it easier for any derived distros to override it and not let
it be installed.

Preseed documentation will also need to be updated once popcon reenters
the default install.

see shy jo

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