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GTK fe: propose for imprvements


actually the GTK frontend to the d-i is more than a prototype and, standing on the testing done by others and me in the last days, installations can be correctly performed in most cases; i think now it's time for further improvements:

-On the handling of SELECT questions
gtkhandler_select_multiple() displays popdown menu with GTKCombo widgets that are now deprecated and should be replaced by GTKComboBox widgets. Handler, setter and callback functions should be updated to make use of the new widget (this would also allow to set focus on the wiget as soon the user clicks on it ). Actually gtkhandler_select_multiple() is used to display both single select questions and select questions that are part of groups of questions too since gtkhandle_select_single() is used for the main menu only. This should be reverted somehow and the handling of single select questions could be done in two ways --Using the gtkhandle_select_single() function that actually exists (this require just little work) --Wrinting a new handler/setter/callback based on GtkTreeView (this would require more work and time) The second possibility seems to me a better approach since using lists of buttons is, as some times ago cjw noticed, a bit crude and user-unfriendly.

-On the graphical aspect of the installer
A logo , some text or diagnostic info should be displayed inside the actionbox when only the main menu is displayed since we canot leave it empty (it's both a waste of pixels and bad graphical aspect).
If we choose to display some text we should also think how to localize it.

any idea?



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