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Re: How to build kernel for PXE network install?

> Have you tried looking if the module you need is available (switch to VT2 
> and look under /lib/modules/<kernel version/... If so, have you tried to 
> modprobe it manually?

No, I'll try that next.

> The kernel configuration is exactly the same as the default kernel 
> configuration in the 2.6.8 kernel-image packages.
> Note however that not all modules may be included in packages used by the 
> installer, although I very much doubt that is the problem in your case.

Ah, OK, that makes sense. I built 2.6.10,, and
with exactly that configuration and placed all modules in the initrd,
which didn't work (the usual complaint about /dev/rd/0). I even tried
using the initrd from the d-i 2.6 directory just in case the bit
initrd caused the problem -- that didn't make a difference, so it's
quite certainly the kernel.

What else can I try?

> On possibility is that your system just needs a newer version of the 
> driver than was available in 2.6.8.

That's what I'm suspecting.

> We hope to be able to present installation images using 2.6.11 kernels 
> fairly soon after Sarge is released.

Great, thanks.


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