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How to build kernel for PXE network install?


I'm trying to install Debian sarge on a Dell Precision 370 with a SATA
hard drive. I've tried many things so far, including the hacks
mentioned on this list (such as loading the IDE drivers before the
SATA ones), without any success. Whatever I do, the SATA driver
(ata_piix) doesn't handle the controller correctly. I think this is
because the driver in 2.6.8 is too old. I've tried booting into a
static with the AHCI SATA driver enabled, and that one seems
to recognize the disk just fine. I still can't install, though,
because my kernel fails on mounting the root partition (it complains
about /dev/rd/0 missing or suchlike). I'm sure this is due to my
kernel configuration being inadequate, but I can't work out what's

Can someone please tell me where I can find the kernel configuration
for the 2.6.8 kernel that's used in the Debian Installer PXE images?
I've had no success finding it so far, I even tried the
extract-ikconfig script in a last desperate attempt.

Alternatively, is there a chance that d-i images with a more recent
kernel becomes available within the next few days?

It need not be PXE after all, but that's what I find easiest to play
with, so if you think another boot method (CD or USB) is easier to
tweak, please let me know.



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