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Bug#307834: Installation: Micron Transport floppy=nofifo problem

Eric Shubes wrote:
> The error wasn't absolutely consistent. The long rw: value varied. Usually 
> 24, but sometimes 13 or 20. The rs= value changed too, 2 and 15 
> respectively. 
> The install media was fine. I checked, double checked, cleaned the drive, 
> and even created media on the same computer which was failing. On occasion 
> (3 times out of 20 or so)
> I also tried various other parameters: floppy=0,daring; =broken_dcl; 
> =slow, and none helped.
> I don't know why floppy=nofifo fixed the problem with Woody (Woody had the 
> same symptoms without it). It appears to me as though floppy=nofifo simply 
> doesn't work. At least it doesn't do what it did with Woody.
> I've since done a dist-upgrade instead, so I'm not in need of this to 
> work, but it would be nice to have it fixed for the next person who tries 
> it. I'll be happy to do whatever testing that may be needed.

The issue is that kernel boot time parameters are not seen by modules
when they're loaded. The floppy driver is a module in sarge. You should
be able to work around the problem by booting with BOOT_DEBUG=3. This
will give you several shell prompts after the floppy boots. At the first
one, "before hardware detection", you can try to "modprobe floppy floppy=nofifo".

If that works for you, then we obviously need a better fix to let these
parameters be specified.

see shy jo

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