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Re: Please rewrite exim4/exim4-config-title for better integration with Debian Installer

On Saturday 30 April 2005 21:38, Marc Haber wrote:
> > > > I'm also wondering whether the  exim4/dc_eximconfig_configtype
> > > > could be "high" priority only. After all, the default "no
> > > > configuration" does not break the system....This would save one
> > > > question on "critical" priority installs, which will be anyway
> > > > used in very special cases, where full automation and less user
> > > > interaction is very important.

> I am inclined to do that change. The other exim4 maintainers didn't
> object. So I am soliciting the input of the other d-i people mentioned
> by Christian.

I agree that question could be skipped at critical priority.

However, AFAIK the default is _not_ "no configuration" but "local delivery 
only; not on a network".
This option also does not break the system and I also think it is the 
appropriate value for a default installation. "No configuration" would 
IMO _not_ be appropriate as mails to root would never get anywhere.


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