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Bug#306334: kbd-chooser: Distinguish between "no keyboard" and "skip config"

Package: kbd-chooser
Severity: wishlist

I'd like to implement the patch below to offer a little bit more flexibility
in kbd-chooser (patch not yet tested).
This bug report is mostly to get feedback on the idea. I will commit the
patch depending on comments.

Currently a "No kbd to configure" option is included on:
- an installation over serial console or UML
- if the type of keyboard (arch) could not be determined (mostly 2.4 kernels)

Actually "no keyboard" is more like "keep default kernel keymap", i.e.
"Do not configure keyboard".
Sparc issues have shown that not selecting a keymap can be a very useful

The patch makes the difference between the two situations more clear and
_always_ adds the "Do not configure keyboard" option (normally only shown
at medium/low prio) for non-sercon/UML installs.
The default value for "kbd architecture" does not change from the current

kbd-chooser/no-keyboard: No keyboard to configure
kbd-chooser/skip-config: Do not configure keyboard

These templates are fairly close. In principle one could be dropped for
space considerations. My preference would be to keep the second in that case.


Index: kbd-chooser.c
--- kbd-chooser.c       (revision 27033)
+++ kbd-chooser.c       (working copy)
@@ -711,18 +711,16 @@
        sercon = check_if_serial_console();
        umlcon = check_if_uml_console();
-       none = translated_template_get ("kbd-chooser/no-keyboard");
        if (sercon == SERIAL_PRESENT || umlcon == SERIAL_PRESENT) {
+               none = translated_template_get ("kbd-chooser/no-keyboard");
                s = insert_description (s, none, &first_entry);
                mydebconf_default_set ("console-tools/archs", none);
        } else {
-               if (((preferred == NULL) || (preferred->present == UNKNOWN))
-                   && (sercon != SERIAL_PRESENT) && (umlcon != SERIAL_PRESENT)) {
-                       di_info ("Can't tell if kbd present; add no keyboard option\n");
-                       choices++;
-                       s = insert_description (s, none, &first_entry);
-               }
+               // Add option to skip keyboard configuration (use kernel keymap)
+               none = translated_template_get ("kbd-chooser/skip-config");
+               choices++;
+               s = insert_description (s, none, &first_entry);
                mydebconf_default_set ("console-tools/archs",
                                      preferred ? preferred->description : none);

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