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Re: Can't boot floppy on PowerMac G3

Hi Jon,

On Sunday 24 April 2005 18:13, Jon Niehof wrote:
> > It certainly works on 7200, which is oldworld as well.
> Well, it'll get its IP address via bootp, pull down the kernel
> fine, then say "Loading ELF" and drop to a Default Catch error.
> This is true of the kernel images in 2.6, 2.4 and minimal
> netboot/2.4.
> Is there some way I should be pointing at the initrd? Right now
> I just have it sitting uncompressed in /tftpboot (as initrd)

You need a combined file with kernel and initrd, 
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ports-status points to 


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