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Re: How to create a Sarge CD?

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Sven Mueller wrote:
| Clive Menzies wrote on 06/04/2005 15:09:
|>On (06/04/05 09:48), du linux wrote:
|>>Hi, can anybody tell me how to create a Sarge CD...I'm new in Debian
|>>and I need the Sarge CD...
|>Go to http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ and download the
|>image for your architecture.  If you have a decent connection, go for
|>the netinst image.  Follow the link on the page for the excellent sarge
|>installation manual.  Burn the iso image (track at once); boot off the
|>CD and enjoy ;)
| Though this doesn't match the original poster's intention, it does match
| it's subject line ;-)
| I might be blind, but is there some step-by-step documentation on how to
| create your own d-i based CDs/DVDs? Including your own preseed-files etc.?
| Would help me a lot if such documentation exists.

I've started a howto on debian-cd on the Debian Wiki, but ATM it's
binary only, and doesn't have preseed stuff (I hope to be able to add
info on a complete distro (including source), and preseeding but it may
take a while as my primary project at the moment is categorizing
packages for use with aptitude categorical browser and I'd really like
to get it done in time for sarge (if it's not already too late)).

Anyway you want http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianCustomCD

to get started.


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