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Re: How to create a Sarge CD?

Clive Menzies wrote on 06/04/2005 15:09:
> On (06/04/05 09:48), du linux wrote:
>>Hi, can anybody tell me how to create a Sarge CD...I'm new in Debian
>>and I need the Sarge CD...
> Go to http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ and download the
> image for your architecture.  If you have a decent connection, go for
> the netinst image.  Follow the link on the page for the excellent sarge
> installation manual.  Burn the iso image (track at once); boot off the
> CD and enjoy ;)

Though this doesn't match the original poster's intention, it does match
it's subject line ;-)

I might be blind, but is there some step-by-step documentation on how to
create your own d-i based CDs/DVDs? Including your own preseed-files etc.?

Would help me a lot if such documentation exists.


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