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Re: Trouble installing on HP ML110 with Promise pdc20621

Hi Justin

Il giorno gio, 21-04-2005 alle 16:37 -0600, Justin Guerin ha scritto:
> So that leaves me with 2 questions: first, is the sata_sx4 driver supposed 
> to support hardware raid, or will it always directly access the drives, as 
> if they were configured as JBOD?  Second, is there something I'm doing 
> wrong that leads to the freezes?

short answers: no, no.

long answers:

1. Promise supply a program that would permits to use the hardware raid.
d-i doesn't include that software, so you cannot see the storage as hw

2. no, it simply cannot work because debian kernel doesn't completely
support this SATA controller.

> Thanks,
> Justin Guerin


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