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Re: Newbie Wants To Learn To Make Udebs...

> This isn't an rpm, so it should be named postinst, not postinstall.

D'oh!  A holdover from my Solaris packaging days...

> > Package: prototype-udeb
> > Status: install ok installed
> > Priority: required
> > Section: debian-installer
> > Installed-Size: 8
> > Maintainer: Michael Peek <peek@tiem.utk.edu>
> > Version: 1.0
> > Description: This is a test udeb
> But it does appear that the udeb was installed ok, so I've no idea why
> main-menu dropped priority. It should tell you with a dialog though, and
> there will be something in the logs from main-menu to explain why.

Renaming the postinstall script fixed part of the problem:

syslog:Apr 21 12:07:51 prototype: Debconf Preseed Value: prototype/entry Hello

But main-menu is still dropping priority for some reason.  I'm still trying to
figure it out.  I suspect that it may have something to do with a script I
have run from the preseed/late_command...

The strange thing is, I can remove my prototype-udeb package, and remove it's
name from the .disks/udeb_include file on the CD, and main-menu never

Thanks!  I think I'm on the right track.


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