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Status of Debian on Sun Blade 150

Hello good Debian people!

Recently I tested the installation of Debian sarge on Sun Blade 150
and I got some success. Trying netinst / businesscard CD proved to be useless. So I tried the netboot image with 2.6.8 kernel and it worked!
Big thanks to Uwe Wuerdinger for pointing me in that direction.

Information in the sarge manual
seemed a bit confusing to me, so I did some experimentation on my own
with rarpd & tftpd servers. I think I've found an easier way than
suggested in manual.

I described everything in great detail and posted my results here:

So, what do you think about my results? Do you think it may be of some
use? Tell me I did a good thing, and you'll make my day happy ;-)

Wiktor Wandachowicz

I guess you all are quite busy with upcoming final release of sarge,
but some feedback from your side would be greatly appreciated.

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