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Bug#305599: debian-installer: Unable to resolve domain names when DHCP not used

tags 305599 moreinfo
severity 305599 normal

Quoting Brian Frank (brian.frank@queensu.ca):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: important
> After entering IP, gateway, etc. for NIC upon network install, domain names (e.g. ftp.debian.org) are unable to be resolved by apt to download extra packages. If IP adresses for  apt repositories are added to souces.list manually then the installation proceeds.

We're lacking some information here. Were you prompted for DNS servers
(you should have been) ?

You first had a failure of DHCP (because no DHCP server on your
network). If so, this is expected. Then you should be prompted for IP,
netmask and DNS servers. Have you been? If so, have you checked the
values you have put there?

Which type of support did you use? "netinst" CD, "businesscard" CD or
something else? Which release of the installer?

When did the failure occur? In first stage (before the reboot) or
second stage? From what you mention, this seems to be second stage
(meaning that you used a "netinst" CD or a full CD).

As you see, we lack a lot of information to properly deal with this
bug report...

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