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Re: cdebconf plugins (custom widgets)

Colin Watson wrote:
> Can you point me to where I would find the old spec? I see comments
> about it in debconf's svn log, but the actual files don't seem to be in
> the history ...

Seems well and truely lost. I may have included it in the deb w/o
including it in cvs. 

A container is the reason why the debconf question namespace allows
"leaf" nodes to contain nodes. If you have a container foo/bar, and
questions foo/bar/a, foo/bar/b, and foo/bar/c, then inputting foo/bar
should prompt for the three nested questions. This was also supported
in templates, so you might get the foo/bar container questions by
REGISTER foo/template foo/bar. Of course, containers can also be nested.

see shy jo

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