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Bug#305336: ASUS - K8N-E Deluxe Install Report / Using Debian Installer RC3

On Tuesday 19 April 2005 14:47, Remi Butaud wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the quick answer. There is something I don't understand,
> though:
> On 4/19/05, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:
> > It does not "somehow" get installed there... The dialog for GRUB says
> > that GRUB will be installed "to the MBR of the first hard drive" by
> > default.
> This is where I don't understand: what is the "first hard drive" ? I
> understand that GRUB thinks it is the one on the parallel interface,
> while both BIOS and windows consider it to be the first one on the
> serial interface, is that a correct behaviour ?

No idea how the kernel/grub determine what the first drive is. There may 
well be some incorrect behavior there, but you should consider that SATA 
is relatively new...

> > I think just changing to 'root (hd0,0)' should work as well.
> This is where it gets very tricky for me.
> I thought the following : (hd0,0) is /dev/hda1
> (hd1,0) is my /dev/sda1 where XP lies. Would putting 'root (hd0,0)'
> work then? Would it find the /dev/sda1 disk ? I think this was the
> first trick I tried (changing the (hdx,y) parameter, to no avail (my
> (hd0,0) is really where debian is).

See /boot/grub/device.map. I think that determines how grub behaves.

> > That is because changing the order of drives in the BIOS does not
> > change their "physical" order.
> This is what I understand, but why is the physical order different
> from the BIOS order, leading to such a situation as installing debian
> on a disk that isn't seen at the reboot? Shouldn't the installer /
> boot loader follow what the BIOS sets ?

Sorry, I have no idea of the details either. I suspect that it is quite 
hard to actually read the BIOS and that the order of disks is determined 
by the order drivers are loaded (and the order specified within drivers).

> I apologize if my comments seem clueless.
> Cheers,
> Remi.

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