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Default locale for en_GB

Quoting J. Grant (jg@jguk.org):

> The UK has been using ISO-8859-15 and UTF-8 for many years.  Presently
> debian still sets en_GB to ISO-8859-1.  This means that all those €
> (Euro) characters will be corrupted and incorrectly displayed as '¤'
> (the character which shares the same code in ISO-8859-1

Hey, my day is better now. I found some UK people who do care about

Well, more seriously speaking (a French should not give lessons about
Europe while our country is about to say "No" to European
Constitution, bloody hell), the issue of the default locale for en_GB
should be discussed among British users.

I suggest raising the topic now in UK users groups. Anyway, it is
quite likely that some strong movement towards UTF-8 defaults will
happen in etch. Other distros have been blamed for doing this a bit
too early but, well, they have now made the switch and this is a Good

(I expect a lot of hot discussions among French users to decide
whether we make fr_*.UTF-8 the default for French installs, by the

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