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Bug#305150: possible improvements for tasksel / installer to allow multi-lang installation

Quoting Tony Ma (tony__ma@hotmail.com):

> Therefore is it a good idea to change the installer sequence a bit:
> - first run dpkg-reconfigure locales and let users to select locales to be 
> installed
> - then change the test-lang program so that it allows ALL of the 
> localization / desktop tasks belonging to the locales chosen in 
> dpkg-reconfigure locales, rather than just the language used during 
> installation to show up on tasksel screen.

My interpretation of this is slightly different from Tony Ma's

We should IMHO keep default installs simple, so the locales package
reconfiguration screen should not appear on high priority installs.

However, if the install is run at medium priority, then the locales
package could prompt users about the wanted locales (I'm not sure it
would now...as it is indeed already configured when stage2 is run).

In such case, one can imagine that tasksel includes a special
mechanism to request users to select several language tasks.

Another possibility is just adding to tasksel a medium priority
question listing all available language tasks....which is indeed a
feature which was in woody..:-)

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