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Bug#305137: debian-installer: partitioning/mount options minor quirks

reassign 305137 partman
severity 305137 wishlist

On Monday 18 April 2005 09:27, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> - that "FAT32" would appear twice in the list (order FAT32 FAT16 FAT32)

I can confirm that this does happen.

> - that the detected type of partitions would not be pre-selected
> 	(which can cause destruction)

This would definitely be an improvement although I guess it would need a 
change in the dialog structure (reintroduce "use existing/format" 
question as the first question asked?).

> - that mount options given in the partitioning process would not be
> 	obeyed for installation (in particular, I selected one old
> 	RH partition to be mounted ro,nodev,noatime and found it to
> 	be mounted rw)

> /etc/fstab entries were right (except that I don't want VFAT partitions
> to be checked at all, so I had to re-set the flag from 2 to 0)

I think it would be sensible to change the default for this to "don't 
check". I am currently getting a warning myself during boot from a FAT 
check that a backup of my boot sector is different from the original or 
something with a lot of output to console. To be honest, I'm not really 
interested (it's probably been wrong for years and it's never bothered me 
in the least).


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