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Re: Missing fat32 mount point from /etc/fstab

On Sunday 17 April 2005 14:41, J. Grant wrote:
> I noticed my fat32 partiion was missing from /etc/fstab on my sarge
> install. the Grub section of the debian-installer did succesfully
> identify the fat32 partiion and set it up as bootable.
> Please see debian_install_report.txt.  /dev/sda1 is missing from the
> /etc/fstab mount table.  Ideally this would have added a line like this
> for my fat32 partition:

Additional partitions can be added in fstab by selecting them during the 
partitioning stage, selecting the current filesystem present on them and 
assigning them a mountpoint.
(You should make sure that such partitions are not listed as "will be 
formatted" in the confirmation dialog.)

There are no plans to add partitions to the fstab automatically. A lot of 
users would not appreciate that.


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