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Re: installer for multi-language installations

> Therefore is it a good idea to change the installer sequence a bit:
> - first run dpkg-reconfigure locales and let users to select locales to be 
> installed

This should remain an "expert" option and will certainly never be
shown on default installs. Have you tried checking whether this is
shown or not when installing with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium (or low)?

> - then change the test-lang program so that it allows ALL of the 
> localization / desktop tasks belonging to the locales chosen in 
> dpkg-reconfigure locales, rather than just the language used during 
> installation to shop up on tasksel screen

I suggest reporting this as a wishlist bug against tasksel. The idea
is interesting, for sure and could be feasible.

> Also, ttf2pt1, ttf2pt1-chinese and ttfprint are needed for printing of 
> asian fonts as well, but they are not included in the Chinese tasks, 
> therefore would you please add them to the simplified as well as 
> traditional Chinese localization environment tasks?

This, again, should be reported as a wishlist bug against tasksel.

Maybe look at #301496 and complete it....

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