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Bug#304973: d-i network detection on apu

On Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 04:06:29AM +0200, Carlo Marashin wrote:
> Geert Stappers wrote:

   [ two out of three network interface cards found ]

> Humm...
> I may have send you the ifconfig from the wrong machine... The one above
> is from moe...
> Here is the one from apu with 3 NICs... :-(

   [ three NICs visable by ifconfig ]

Seeing all three network interface cards is good   :-)

> And I was checking the bug report that started this and the "lspci" are
> from the 20050318 and not from the 20050403 since I did not manage to
> get that far...

This E-mail exchanging ("bugreport") is to find out why 
Network detection failed at that date.

Could you do a check with a fresh image of debian-installer?

(No need to do a complete install,
we are only interrested in the network detection,
which is at the very begin of install
( abort on time to prevent writing to disk ))

Do the test on the computer you named 'apu'
If I Recall Correct that is the one with the three NICs.
The tree network interface cards make it special.

Geert Stappers

Thank you for replying below the text.
My next request is to reduce lines that are retransmitted.
Make summaries and put it between square brackets
or simply delete them and indicate the deletion with 

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