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Bug#304657: Installation report for rc3

reassign 304657 netcfg
retitle 304657 Reports wrong address when inadvertently entered a high ASCII character

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> > rc3 failed first in manual network configuration, not accepting
> > (nor other addresses from the private classes) as a valid IP.
> > When editing the IP address after the installer complained, neither
> > backspace or left arrow worked at first; however I was able to jump to
> > the beginning of the line with ctrl-a and use delete or ctrl-d to
> > delete text. After inserting some text at the beginning of the line,
> > backspace suddenly started to work.

I have reproduced this in RC3. However, I did so by entering the

10.0.0.à, then Backspace to erase the "à", then entering "1"

If I enter without the typo, netcfg behaves correctly.

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