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Re: RAID support on sparc -> change to the d-i manual?

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 14:51, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> I was helping out (at my company) somebody that was trying to setup a
> RAID installation on sparc and it seems that, even though the d-i
> manual says it's possible it actually does not work. Googling I've
> found other people have noticed this [1] and [2]. Can I ammend the d-i
> manual to note these issues? (after all, d-i rc3, which we are using,
> will probably be the last release before sarge)

I think a note like we we currently have for powerpc [1] in
would be the best option.
I'd prefer a wishlist bug against debian-installer-manual with a patch so 
people can comment on it before it is applied.

> We've also experienced Bug#282781 (incorrect display in console mode -
> unicode chars) and there seems to be no work around for this, is there?

See the note for debian-installer/framebuffer in [2]. I've also send a 
patch for the release notes to d-doc list (April 10.) on this issue.
If you have comments on these, please let me know.



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