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Standard netinstall iso but install/2.6/initrd.gz must be changed ....


Last day I downloaded sarge-i386-netinst.iso, burned it and try with my Intel 
Blade Server SBCE with SBX82. But installer told me that he couldn't 
recognized CDROM or Floppy because these devices are connect via USB - 
reported bug 304341. He also told me that he couldn't load tg3 and mptscsih 
modules. As I found after mounting sarge-xxx.iso file that neither 2.4 nor 
2.6 kernel doesn't have these modules in initrd.gz file. My question is: how 
can I change kernel version and also initrd.gz to the new one with modules I 
need? I don't need any additional deb only 2 new modules in initrd.gz. I have 
read Wiki about debian-installer bout couldn't find what to do with my 

Can you help me?


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