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Bug#304536: Package: installation-reports

Bruno Friedmann wrote:
> Initial boot worked:    [O]
> Configure network HW:   [O]
> Config network:         [O]
> Detect CD:              [E]	with the linux26 boot
> Load installer modules: [O]
> Detect hard drives:     [O]
> Partition hard drives:  [O]
> Create file systems:    [O]
> Mount partitions:       [O]
> Install base system:    [O]
> Install boot loader:    [E]	with the linux26 error with grub and lilo, ok with 2.4
> Reboot:                 [O]
> Comments/Problems:
> Everything working nice (just this problem with the 2.6x initialization mostly i suppose there
> some crash, with using the wrong drivers in 2.6, you should see the real right module from IBM)

It would be very useful if you could provide some more details of the
problems with the 2.6 kernel. A copy of /var/log/syslog and
/var/log/messages from inside the installer during such an install would
be best of all. Without details about the real problems, nobody can fix

> During a reinstall, the partitionner should disabled mounting point that are already use.
> The actual present in netinstall, permit use of 2 or more / :-)))

The nice thing about doing it this way is that if you have two
partititions with mount points assigned and want to switch them, you can
do it in only two operations: switch 1 to b and 2 to a. If it removed
used mounts you would need to switch 1 to nothing, then 2 to a, then 1
to b.

There's no real risk of duplicate mount points happening, since the
partitioner has a sanity check for that before finishing the

see shy jo

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