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Rescue CD

A good while ago, I bought a copy of the newly-released debian potato CD set, and haven't looked back. Debian is the only way to go!

Recently, I started on a new project which required some judicious re-arrangement of some hardware. As a consequence, I ended up with a situation from which I needed to "rescue" a system. So, thinking that my old potato 2.2.17 rescue CD was a little out of date for my 2.6.11 kernel, I dutifully went off to the debian CD site to grab a copy of the first iso image of the current distro, burnt it to CD, then went ahead and tried to "rescue" my system.

Imagine my surprise when a) there was no such option as "rescue" anymore, and b) that passing in options that used to work with the potato CD also failed - things like 'root=/dev/hdaX'.

Is there a rescue CD available somewhere that I'm overlooking? The only option available seems to be to use a package called "dfsbuild", which I am loathe to do because a) It would take me extra time I don't have for the project to learn how to use it and b) it uses grub instead of lilo, and I'm not sure what affect it would have to install the grub package on my lilo machine.


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