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Bug#304248: Alpha PCI problems


I just noticed this bug report on some debian mailing list and maybe I
can give a hint here. Some time ago, I did the srm_env.ko driver and
while I worked on the SRM stuff, I noticed that 2.4.x and 2.6.x have
subtle issues with SRM and PCI:

PCI devices need to be configured. SRM will do that entirely on
power-up, but after a warm reboot, it heavily depends on the exact SRM
version what it'll to. Some early versions (eg. what you'll find on a
NoName (aka AXPpci33) board) won't reconfigure the PCI devices at all.
So if you tell the Linux kernel to soft-reboot, SRM will basically crash
because it cannot any longer access the SCSI devices etc. I guess that
this is an issue here, too.

In 2.2.x time, Linux kernels recorded any changes done to the PCI config
space and reverted them before they dropped back to SRM. This is missing
these days and I guess this is what's causing trouble here.


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