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Re: debian-installer feedback, incorrect locale and unclear " deslection" text

Quoting J. Grant (jg@jguk.org):
> Hello,
> Some other problems I did not mention with my previous report.
> 1. "Selecting from deselected PACKAGE" is a little unclear, could the
> English be revised?
> 2. I selected English, United Kingdom British English during the
> install.  Then when I get into X, my config is pc104 (not pc105 as is UK
> standard), and also the locale is "us".  So I have to fix the
> XF86Config-4 manually.  [1] what I fixed it to

This is not a "locale" but a keyboard variant....

Anyway, there is currently not automated setup of locali{z|s}ation
(which includes keyboard settings for X) when the chosen instalaltion
language is English. This basically comes from D-I design choices when
the package responsible for this (localization-config) was added.

In, the next generation of D-I, localization config will be installed,
and thus used, when the locale will be != en_US, so in your case, it
will be able to make the small modification you need for X keyboard settings.

Kostas, you maybe could already put what's needed in l-c for correct X
keyboard settings when the locale is en_GB : pc105 and not pc104....

> 3. XF86Config-4 has two mice entries, even though I only have a single
> PS/2 Optical Mouse. See appendix [2] for both entires

This is mostly to be reported against the xfree86 packages....

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