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Re: Re: In search of a motherboard

Primarily, I just want to get rid of the Serverworks chipset. I've been battling that chipset for a year now and can't seem to get to work properly.
I'm tired of wasting my time with it and I'm trying to get away from MS operating systems all together.
CPU's are 2 Gig intel P4 Xeon
1 Gig registered ECC SDRAM (I believe it's DDR266. It could be DDR200)
The hardware show stoppers would be it must support my 3ware 7508 ATA raid controller and fit in the chassis I have. (any ATX form factor should fit).
I believe the power supply is of the EPS12V type also.
The nice to have's but are not absolutely necessary are;
USB 2.0
Dual Gigabit LAN
integrated video
And most importantly must work with Linux!

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